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#1 Home Maintenance Item you need to do

The #1 home maintenance item you’ll be glad you did when you go to sell is maintain your HVAC regularly.

Get annual professional check-ups, do recommended repairs and keep your paperwork.

Trust me, it will make life easier during inspection.

Personal story… I am selling a personal property right now with an HVAC I replaced in 2013. I had it serviced before listing and the company recommended $700 in repairs. Of course I didn’t want to spend $700 on repairs, and I debated about whether they were really necessary, but I did it anyway. Because I know HVACs are a major system and that matters to buyers. I paid to have those repairs done in advance, because I know a buyer will want to see that the HVAC is in good working order. Now I have the paperwork to prove that it is in tip-top shape!

Repair proposal negotiations don’t have to be painful.

Providing proof of regular maintenance helps ensure a smooth transaction.


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